A Badly Drawn Boy Presents: The Sunday Night Sketch Dump (Vol. 2)

Aaaaand we’re back!

As many may have noticed from the previous entry, things kind of got thrown into upheaval here in Casa de Wallace with the unexpected loss of my father. First of all, I want to thank everyone for the gigantic outpouring of support and kind words over what I wrote about Dad. Overall, it was the blog’s most viewed entry so far. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two weeks since I woke up to that phone call, but the older I get, the more I find that time gets away from me at times. I’ll have a lot to write about on the subject of my father, our relationship, and how I plan to move forward in light of what’s happened in the coming weeks, but I figured I’d spend my first entry back in the saddle keeping things light and fun with a  new installment of The Sunday Night Sketch Dump.

If you know me well or follow my exploits on Facebook or Twitter, you know I’ve had a borderline unhealthy fixation on AMC’s rapidly concluding drama Breaking Bad since almost the first day it aired. As the ongoing saga of high school chemistry teacher turned crystal meth kingpin Walter White winds to it’s dark and twisted conclusion, I find myself increasingly panicked about what new show I’ll be able to use to fill the void that this one will leave, like The Shield and The Wire before it. With only two episodes left as of tonight, and the absolute barnburner of an episode that went down last Sunday night, I figured now would be a good time to bust out another BB-centric sketch for the hell of it. This one of the only character on the entire show who could be considered a “good guy”, full-time DEA Agent and part-time cheeseball and mineral enthusiast, Hank Schrader, as played by actor Dean Norris. After the performance he’s put forth this season, if Norris doesn’t get an Emmy, I’ll be a very sad man.

Next week’s sketch dump will more than likely be an all Breaking Bad retrospective in honor of the show’s grand finale, so stay tuned for that!

Early last month also saw the passing of one of my all-time favorite authors, crime writer Elmore Leonard. The wordsmith behind books (which spun off countless movies) like Get Shorty, Rum Punch, (renamed Jackie Brown for Quentin Tarentino’s stellar adaptation) and most recently, Raylan, the lead character on the FX series, Justified.

Born in 1925 and died in 2013, Elmore kept the train rolling until the day he died, having put out his last book 2 years before his passing and being a writer and producer on Justified. Anyone working in a creative field should consider themselves lucky to live to be 90 years old and still kicking the shit out of most of their younger competition.

Here’s a fun little portrait I did for a friend of mine whom I’ve known for years. Jessica Smilie and I knew each other back in high school, and over the course of 2012, when my life was going through a lot of personal turbulence, we reconnected through Facebook and got to talking on an almost daily basis. If I had to describe her sense of humor in a manner that most people might best understand, it would be to say that she’s basically a real life version of Pam Poovey from Archer. The woman loves a well-placed poop joke, as noted above. She’s become one of my best friends and ever since I’ve come back to Louisville for my periodic stay, I try to hang with her and her boyfriend at any given chance. I drew this picture for her months ago when she was going through a small health scare and needed some cheering up.

Last but not least, a little teaser image for an upcoming project of my own concoction. Quite possibly the most

It will also be the first comic that I will fully attempt to do on my own, for better or worse.

I won’t give pretty much anything away for you plot-wise, since the project is in it’s formative stages, but a little hint of the kind of story we have to tell, in the all too popular way of comparing it to other existing works, I’d have to say…

If you took My Little Pony, mixed in the addiction story of Hubert Selby Jr‘s Requiem For A Dream or the recent Steve McQueen/Michael Fassbender film Shame, with the morbid sense of humor of the FX Network’s Louie, you would get Ponyboy Harry Hates His Life.

I’m hoping to have the first couple installments in the can before I launch in early 2014. If we do well enough with it, I’ve got enough ideas in my twisted brain to keep the story running for at least five years. Most of the jokes practically write themselves. 

As always, thanks for visiting, folks!