Len N. Wallace is a writer with nearly 10 years as a writer in the comic book industry with credits to his name from Image Comics, Grayhaven Comics, Ronin Studios, and a contributor to Dreamworks SKG and Ape Entertainment’s Kung-Fu Panda comic line. His first full length graphic novel, Love Buzz, was published with artists Michelle Silva, Dave Tuney, and Thomas Mauer by Oni Press in early 2010.

In 2011, he began writing a series of comic short stories with artist Brenda Liz Lopez called The Zipper Club, centering around the summer camp adventures of a group of children with varying forms of congenital heart defect. The idea for the project was something born of a specific necessity to Wallace as somewhat of a handbook for children navigating a life of being different and behind the curb from everyone else.  In 2013, Len and Brenda began completed a successful crowd funding effort through IndieGoGo to print an expanded version of the original Zipper Club stories into a single book which will be made available in October of 2013, with a portion of the profits going to the American Heart Association.

Not long after the success of The Zipper Club, Wallace began another project in the form of his ongoing blog, The Long Odds, chronicling his personal battles and perspectives on growing up with heart problems. Chronicling the ups and downs of experiences from Wallace’s own life with a mix of humor, brutal honesty, triumph, and a touch of morbidity to tell a story about the continued journey of navigating into an adulthood that someone never thought they’d survive.

2013 sees Len’s first attempt at a NaNoWriMo and after honing his craft in the world of comic books, will be his first attempt at a full-fledged prose project in the form of his new Young Adult absurdist time-travel tale, The Once And Future Bing.

Wallace’s work is backed by Dave Baxter and Dallas Roberts of California’s Killing The Grizzly entertainment agency.

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