A lot of radio silence out of me of late, but I’m happy to be reporting back with some good news on the front of The Zipper Club. The book is now fully colored and in the final stages of production before it will go off to the printers in a week or two! To celebrate, I’m in the mood to throw up a little preview of how the book will look in it’s newly colored form.

As of now, the book is fully illustrated and the color flats have been placed while Brenda closes out the color details on last ten or so pages while I work out the whole look of the book, production-wise. We’ve got about 10 extra pages of content we’re adding to the book, including a foreword by Joyce McClain, the woman responsible for creating the real Camp Bravehearts upon which the camp in The Zipper Club is based and took it’s name, a few fun pin-ups with heart-healthy tips for kids from artists Michelle Silva, (artist and co-creator of my first comic, Love Buzz from Oni Press!) Joe Duncan, Casey Bug, Lauren Perry, and young comic book up-and-comer and fellow CHD survivor, Stephan Lapin. The book is finally coming together brilliantly, and I’ve just ordered a large quantity of t-shirts in all sizes for kids and adults that are now available in The Long Odds store!

So, what do you think?! Hit us in the comments or email me directly @ lennwallace@gmail.com to voice any questions, comments, or concerns! It’s great to be back in the saddle!


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